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LoS iNamiK

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PostSubject: CHALLENGES!!   Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:31 am


 Here's a few challenges to start the week off. I will be adding more and more throughout the weeks. Got suggestions for more challenges? PM them to me! Members can do as many challenges as they want but cannot repeat the same challenge in the same day. If the Challenge is taken by another member, you cannot do it until they completed/failed it. If you fail a challenge you cannot repeat the challenge for 1-3 days, depending on the difficulty amount you choose.  Any questions, just ask.

How to Request a challenge?
Message LoS iNamiK on Xbox saying the challenge you want to do and the difficulty amount. When he confirms it, you have until the due date to complete it by sending a screenshot(s) and/or game clip  directly to him to confirm completion.

Due Dates
1 game 24 hours; 3 games; 32 hours; 5 games 72 hours;

Objective Challenges!  

Hold the hard point for 1:00 in a match                              
 (250r) 1 game  (500r) 3 games  (1000r) 5 games
Hold the hard point for 3:00 in a match                              
 (750r) 1 game  (2000r) 3 games  (3000r) 5 games
Achieve 3 flag captures in CTF in a match.                          
(250r) 1 game  (500r) 3 games  (1000r) 5 games  
Plant/defuse the bomb in S&D 3 times in a match                  
(250r) 1 game  (500r) 3 games  (1000r) 5 games
Score the uplink 3 times in a match(750r) 1 game  (1500r) 3 games  (1000r) 5 games  

Team Challenges!
Tackle challenges as a team to get more Rep!

Allow no plants/defuses from the opposing team in S&D in a match
(500r) 1 game  (1500r) 3 games  (3000r) 5 games
Allow no scores from the opposing team in Uplink in a match
(1500r) 1 game  (2500r) 3 games  (5000r) 5 games
Complete a demolition game in under 4min. (full game must be recorded)
(1750r) 1 game  (3000r) 3 games  ( 15000r) 5 games
Win a hardpoint game without the enemy team exceeding 50 points.                                        
(1500r) 1 game  (3000r) 3 games  ( 10000r) 5 games   
Win an up link game by double-digits (i.e. 12 - 4 or 15 - 11)
(1000r) 1 game (2500r) 3 games  ( 5000r) 5 games   
Have team achieve no deaths in an entire Search and Destroy game.
(3000r) 1 game (5000r) 3 games  ( 10000r) 5 games  

Personal Challenges!

Get 50 kills in  Team death match. (500r)                                                          
Get 80 kills in any game mode.   (800r)                                                             
Be the last alive in Arena S&D against 3 more players and win the round. Record the entire round (200r per round )
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