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 What is BlackLYTZ?

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LoS iNamiK

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PostSubject: What is BlackLYTZ?   Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:36 pm

What is BlackLYTZ?

BlackLYTZ is a the most organized and competitively focused division in LYTZ Out Society. This division propels members as a team and requires members to work together to achieve certain goals and to develop new and improve existing skill sets. Managed by our compelling Ranking System, Which gives members responsibility, promotes, team building and so many other feats, BlackLYTZ offer competitive players a branded experience that can elevate their online experience and show everyone else what they’re made of.

How does BlackLYTZ work?

In BlackLYTZ, you start off as a PVT (everyone starts from the bottom) but throughout your first week you can do things to 'rank up quicker' to get placed on a "Team". A Team in BlackLYTZ is a focused tier that allows you to choose your most preferred competitive game mode (that we have available) to keep you in your 'comfort zone' or out of it if you prefer. These Teams are lead by SMA's (check how to achieve this rank in the ranking system). Once placed on a team, you then work your way up the Team Ranks developing new and improving your existing skills but this period is crucial to determine where your focus lies in BlackLYTZ because theirs a lot that goes on within BlackLYTZ and even LoS overall hence you limit your own possibilities on what you want to do within the SoCiety.

What BlackLYTZ has to offer..

Each Tier rank will offer certain credibility such as joining certain teams,being on YouTube, getting support to start YouTube or twitch, getting the official BlackLYTZ intro on you're videos, BlackLYTZ Jersey, and so much more Throughout your progress in here. We will also have weekly giveaways and a monthly tournament giving away a high ticket items that could range from a simple season pass, Astro headset or just a straight up money pot, etc. But these incentives aren't just handed to you on a silver platter. Everything is earned in BlackLYTZ, Everything.

What happens after Team Ranks?

After the team ranks, everyone's route will differ based on what they would like to focus on and be part of.You can branch into our Leader ranks which gives you besides the ability to lead, but actually have a powerful say and role in how BlackLYTZ is shaped. as for the competitive side, you work your way up onto GB games, then the Blacklist. 


What is The Blacklist? It sounds a bit intimidating..

The Blacklist is our highest most rewarded and dominate competitive Team within BlackLYTZ. it grabs the best from every team in BlackLYTZ and put the team. Introducing paid wager matches such as online UMG tournaments to even LAN matches if possible. The only way to get into the Blacklist is you have to tryout and have every stat and leadership credibility that goes with it. This team is very tough to achieve based on the requirements to even be able to qualify to be on it, but when achieved, you will be on The Blacklist Team and considered the face of BlackLYTZ.

This is what LYTZ Out SoCiety's BlackLYTZ division has to offer you. it will require 4 keys throughout. You make your mark the second you join.. but ultimately.. what you put into LoS, will determine what you get out.
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What is BlackLYTZ?
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